Other delicacies
An age-old fishing tradition

Back to stay

The Vardø area has been settled by humans for thousands of years. One important reason is the rich abundance of fish and seafood in the local waters – cod, haddock, saithe, halibut, scallops and many more. In the second half of the 20th century, overfishing and a following restructuring of the fishing industry caused many of the local fishing stations to close down, and the town's population was halved. Now the fish is back, as well as fisheries with a strong will to harvest the ocean sustainably.


An expanded offer

Arctic Catch was established to catch high quality red king crabs and snow crabs and bring them to the market. But with our modern fleet and production facility, as well as an efficient world wide logistics network, we wanted to offer other delicacies from the local waters. Arctic Catch obtained permission to land and pack whitefish in 2011, and we are now able to provide products of the highest quality, fresh, salted or frozen.


Our supreme selection

The clean, cold waters that are ideal for king crabs and snow crabs, also offer perfect habitats for arctic whitefish and shellfish. We use a combination of traditional knowledge and innovative, sustainable methods to maintain a long term fish population. Some of our vessels have factory facilities, and will do the processing and packaging on board. In other cases, the catch is brought to our seafront facility in Vardø. We retain full control of the treatment of the catch – from the Arctic ocean and all the way to our clients, so they are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition.