The exquisite taste
of the Arctic

From the purest waters on earth

The coastal area around Vardø in the far north of Norway is an extremely remote and inhospitable place. Still, it has been inhabited since the stone age. The reason is the vast ocean surrounding the Varanger peninsula. These clean, cold waters hold rich rewards for anyone with the skill and courage to find them. In earlier times, whitefish as cod, halibut and haddock were the main yield. Today, new migrants from the east are our most sought-after catch: The red king crab and the snow crab. Our premium Arctic seafood is in high demand, and by fishing from our own vessels, packaging at our own plant and controlling every link of its distribution, we can deliver our catch fresh, even alive, anywhere in the world.


Cold waters and cool heads

Skill. Strength. Peace of mind. Deep knowledge of the local waters, and equally deep respect for the ocean's immense power. These are essential qualities for all crew members on our vessels. Crab catching in Arctic waters is extremely demanding and dangerous work. In winter, even the smallest mistake could prove fatal. Aboard Arctic Wolf, our newest king crab and snow crab catcher, the whole crew of 8, including the cook and the engineer participate in the crabbing. During the season, with several weeks at sea at a time, 12 hour days are the norm, 24 when necessary. In Arctic waters, every single day is a challenge. We love it.


The fresh catch

Arctic Catch is situated in the small town of Vardø. We produce and deliver live, fresh and frozen red king crab and snow crab as well as cod, haddock, saithe and other whitefish. By being located in the middle of the king crab and whitefish catching areas in North Norway, we are able to supply our clients with large quantities of fresh, premium products on a regular basis. We have a fast and reliable global distribution network. Currently, our main markets are Japan, South Korea, USA and Europe.